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ProHealth Pulmonary Specialists Helps Local Patients Breathe Easier

The addition of ProHealth Pulmonary Specialists to the Pekin medical landscape has people breathing a sigh of relief. For the first time, area residents are now enjoying access to a full-time pulmonologist who diagnoses and treats the many conditions that can interfere with the 20,000 breaths we take each day.

Yves Makhoul, M.D., brings a wealth of advanced training and specialized skills to the ProHealth team, including board-certification in three specialties: pulmonology, internal medicine and critical care. Pulmonologists aren’t required to attain a critical care qualification, according to ProHealth Pulmonary Specialists Practice Supervisor Tammi Howell, adding that Dr. Makhoul’s certification speaks highly of his commitment to exceptional patient care.

ProHealth was looking for exactly that kind of dedication in a pulmonologist. The specialty is a particularly complex one, as breathing problems can affect the entire body—not just the lungs—as a result of decreased oxygen flow. Dr. Makhoul’s wide-ranging expertise is a boon for patients suffering from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, also known as emphysema), pneumonia, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, and other diseases that make up his areas of expertise.

Dr. Makhoul is also interested in helping stamp out the root cause of many of the illnesses he sees: smoking. Through education and coaching, he works with patients to overcome their addiction and improve their long-term health—all without lectures or judgment. It’s just one of the things patients love about the doctor whose bedside manner is as impressive as his professional accreditations. The proof: through-the-roof patient satisfaction scores that attest to his approachable, down-to-earth style. “Liking your doctor may not be as important as the clinical care he provides, but it sure doesn’t hurt,” Howell says.

In order to maximize hands-on time with hospitalized patients and those scheduled for procedures, Dr. Makhoul spends mornings on hospital rounds and surgeries, reserving afternoons for in-office appointments. This everyday access to a pulmonologist has been a breakthrough for patients who previously had to wait for an appointment with a part-time provider or seek care across the river.

The fact that Dr. Makhoul is part of the ProHealth network has also made a big difference for patients. Through an interconnected records system, all providers—from primary physicians to specialists to UnityPoint Health-Pekin—can share information, thereby providing safer, more comprehensive care. Referrals are smoother, too, thanks to the intimate ProHealth network that allows physicians to confidently recommend a colleague they know well.

Whether for a new condition or a chronic illness, ProHealth Pulmonary Specialists is your local resource for convenient, top-quality treatment.

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