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About Us

ProHealth Medical Group Brings World-Class Healthcare to Pekin

Whether you want to build a long-term relationship with a family doctor or need an orthopedic specialist to fix your shoulder, you don’t have to look outside Pekin. That’s thanks to ProHealth Medical Group, which has made both primary care physicians and specialists available to area residents for three decades.

ProHealth Medical Group, a sister organization of UnityPoint Health-Pekin under the Progressive Health Systems umbrella, was established in the 1980s to help bring top physicians to UnitPoint Health-Pekin. Over the years, its mission—and results—have expanded significantly. According to Director of Practice Management Dawn Moushon, ProHealth currently offers nine practices: five on the UnityPoint Health-Pekin campus and four off-site, ranging from obstetrics to pediatrics and much more.

In addition to physician offices, the group also operates ProCare Home Health Services—which provides medical equipment, along with delivery and set-up—plus a retail pharmacy inside UnityPoint Health-Pekin.

But the ever-increasing array of physicians associated with ProHealth Medical Group is the most visible component. From its roots in primary care, the organization has grown in order to meet evolving residential needs. “As a result of discussions with community members and our physicians, we’ve added different specialties over the years to ensure our hospital is serving the community to the very best of its ability,” says Moushon.

ProHealth’s ongoing assessments could result in an ear, nose and throat specialist next, as well as the arrival of mid-level providers like nurse practitioners. These providers are key, Moushon says, to maximizing the access patients have to great care. “If an illness pops up, but they can’t get in to see their regular doctor, a nurse practitioner can usually get them in quickly for treatment,” she explains. “This is especially valuable when it comes to pediatrics; we always say we can’t ever have too many pediatric providers.”

Mid-level providers also can offer patient education and a long list of other benefits that complement physician services.

Moushon says if she had to summarize the advantages of ProHealth Medical Group’s approach in one word, it would be “convenience.” There’s no need to go across the river when ProHealth offices have creative, convenient hours—including early morning, evening and Saturday appointments—and remarkable access when it counts most. “Wait times for our specialty groups aren’t in the months,” she points out. “Often, it’s within a week.”

This kind of service—not to mention the range of generalists and specialists—is something Moushon believes is unique to a city the size of Pekin. After all, how many communities with 34,000 residents have healthcare systems that can replace your hip, deliver your baby, treat your acid reflux and manage your child’s asthma? “We don’t have every single service that bigger hospitals do,” she says, “but what we offer through ProHealth Medical Group, I think, is exceptional.”

ProHealth Medical Group operates primary care and specialty practices in Pekin, Illinois.

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